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Yes, We're going to Iran.

Contribute to buy safe passage through Iran.

US, UK, and Canadian citizens are required to have a guide at all times while in Iran, and must have their route and duration in order to apply for an entrance Visa.

Translation: babysitter required and no winging it. You have to know where you're going when and with whom. Or you don't get in. Period. No exceptions. Also, no alcohol and please do cover your heads, ladies. Which means we're actually really safe, too. It also

Will you help us get through Iran?! You can contribute here to make sure that we've got the funds to join our convey of safe passage! Because we're on a mission to raise money and awareness for women's rights organizations and we've got to get to the cities where the organizations are and Iran is smack dab in the middle of our path. 

Safe Convoy through Iran: $3,000
Currently have: $500
Need by April 25th: $1,200 deposit

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