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We have CARS!!

Trusty Wee Steeds

The day we've been looking forward to for more than a year finally happened. The cars of Team #WeLive have been bought!! Not name yet though, and of course we have to anthropomorphize them so we're working on suitable titles for them both.

Toyota Yaris...

This is hilarious because Tabitha (Team Editor) drives a 2007 Toyota Yaris at home in California. She says she's excited to have 4 doors instead of just two.  Some stats on our minuscule chariot

  • Engine Size: 998 cc
  • Cylinders: 3
  • 0-60 mph: 15.2 secs
  • Top Speed: 96 mph

Ford Fiesta

We expect this to be our party car because it's in the name LITERALLY.

  • Engine Size: 1242 cc 
  • Cylinders: 4 
  • 0-60 mph: 12.7 secs 
  • Top Speed: 104 mph

Paula feeling triumphant after she procured our vehicles in less than 2 weeks of living in Edinburgh.


Thank you so much again, Captain Paula, for getting our wheels under us!

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