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Water to Go

Safe Hydration for Team #WeLive!

One question on our minds as we prepared for the rally was drinking water. Because while almost every country and region we went through had perfectly potable water, there can be littler buggers in there that your gut isn't used to that make riding in a car for hours and hours rather uncomfortable.

We were concerned because the standards of what is considered "safe" drinking water is questionable even in first world countries where metals and chemicals are both allowed in "safe" quantities in drinking water. Not to mention chemicals that are PROVEN to be toxic to the body that haven been purposefully introduced to the water for our benefit.

So here we are going off to countries where we have NO idea what we could be exposed to in the water so when we learned about Water to Go we were VERY INTERESTED! What is Water to Go? A personal water bottle with a built in filter that removes chemicals, metals, bacteria, and viruses from the water as you drink it!

Water to Go to the rescue!! They decided that we were worth getting on board with and offered us each our very own Water to Go bottle! Black for Alice, Blue for Brianna, Green for Megan, Red for Paula, and Pink for Tabitha! We're like Power Rangers with our assigned colors.

These water bottles have powerful little filters in them that clean the water as you drink it. This product was hands down the MOST important piece of equipment we carried with us along our way. We think that everyone, not just travelers, should invest in their own bottle.

We feel confident as an authority on these after traveling with our Water to Go bottles through 23 countries! Here is a list of reasons why you must get one:

  • Portable
    They're so easssyyyy to take any where. They fit in back packs, cup holders, water bottle holders on bikes, and anywhere you would usually stash your hydration.
  • No Mess
    Easy to drink out of on the go whether hiking, driving, or biking!
  • Fill It ANYWHERE
    Questionable sink water? No big deal!
  • Cost Effective
    Think about how much you spend on fresh water in bottles vs. the one time cost of a Water to Go. Yeah. I am bad at math, but even I know that it's a huge money saver.
  • Eco-Friendly
    If we stop buying (and therefor throwing away) water bottles then the industries will stop making them. Do your part and have re-usable water bottles. Water to Go takes the fear out of re-filling with the filter! Yay!
  • Be Well
    Even in you oh-so-comfortable city life you come across yucky water and may not even know it. Water to Go is a wonderful way to filter out things that shouldn't be going in to your body whether you're in NYC, London, Buenos Aires, Tangiers, Khiva, or Ulan-Ude.
  • Easy Filters
    The filters are incredibly easy to replace ! Just hop on the site and order your new filters, wait a minute, then you're ready to go again!

So what exactly is it filtering out that is so bad for us? So glad you asked!

  • Metals/Chemicals:

Chlorine, Fluoride
Chromium, Mercury, Nickel, Copper, Iron
Lead, Gold, Silver
Volatile Organic Compounds including Formaldehyde

  • Viruses:

Hepatitis A
Tota Virus

Coliform, E.Coli, Cholera, Typhus
Dysentery, Botulism, Polio, Virus Botulism
Vibrio Disease, Campylobacteriosis
Leptospirosis – Weil's Disease
Legionella (Legionnaires Disease and Pontiac Fever)
Oocysts- Protazoa

Giardia lamblia

  • Parasites and Waterborne Pathogens:

(This list is abridged but includes some of the most recognizable and common problems.)

Fasciolopsiasis Taeniasis – Tapeworm
Echinococcosis Ascariasis
Coenorosis Schistosomiasis
Cryptosporidium Tryonosoma (Sleeping Sickness)
Threadworm Guinea Worm
Hookworm Roundworm
Pinworm Onchiocerca
Fasciola Hepatica/Liver fluke

Still think you don't really need one after that list?
Find yours here!

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