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...and the american surcharge

Visas to get through all 23 countries: $4,000

Currently: $1,200

Needed by: April 4th

If we're going to go BE the change that we want to see in the world the key word is GO. And while we're traveling light and lean getting in and out of these countries is still a major expense. Please contribute on our Fundrazr. There's loads of Perk to claim along with your contribution!

Bonus fees: we're American (except Alice; lucky girl) so all our Visas are extra expensive. We have affectionately started referring to this as the "ass-hole surcharge". This symptom of global attitude toward Americans is one reason why we are painting "Thank you, I'm sorry" on the hood of our car in the languages of every country we will drive through. This way we can just point and look repentant.

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