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Unveiling Team #WeLive's Crowd-Funding!

Not just another party fund...

RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY: The Team #WeLive Fundrazr! Our crowd-funding is now open for business! Because here's the thing...
We are purchasing 2 cars to get these 5 ladies from London to Ulan-Ude.
We are paying for approximately a billion visa, and as Americans we get to pay a little extra (we think it might be an asshole surcharge).
We are raising money for 2 charities that matter because they're working on changing the world.
We also need to pay The Adventurists our registration fee just to DO this crazy/spectacular trek!
So why should you help fund this trip? Are we just another group of girls going on vacation?? Not exactly...
We as a team are committed to using every moment of this journey as an opportunity to capture, document, and then share the realities of the world in places where people from the first world are not likely to go. We believe passionately that if we can SHOW YOU the truth of what is happening to other humans and to the earth itself that it will make these challenges real in your minds so that we might all be inspired to MAKE GOOD CHOICES. The world is not getting better. We are committed to doing anything and everything in our power to change that!
AND THAT is why your support is vital.
INCREDIBLE THING: We've already hit our first goal of $1,000!!! We're BEYOND thankful and excited!!! It's such a fantastic feeling to know that we've got so many people from all over the world on our team! We can't thank you enough!!
SO HERE WE GO! Off on the first leg of our fundraising!  All the hugs and good vibes and lovely thoughts to you!
Team #WeLive: Alice, Brianna, Megan, Paula, and Tabitha
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