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Two minuscule shite cars from somewhere in scotland.

The cars of team #WeLive

Nope. We don't have our cars yet.

Paula (current location: PNW en route to Edinburgh) is going to be buying our cars in Scotland almost immediately upon her arrival in late April. HOLY SHIT THAT MEANS WE NEED MONEY TO BUY OUR CARS. We're chewing a large mouthful of details by having two cars to our team, and promise this will make our adventure  exponentially crazier. We win at complication.

We need: $2,300 for cars by April 18th.

Currently: $0

Will you: Contribute?

These cars are quite literally the vehicle that gets us to our goal of being the catalyst for change for millions of voiceless women.

And while they're going to be deplorable vehicles they still cost money. And we get to pay in pounds! (Americans are easily amused by other monies.) 

RULE 1: Small & Shit

You can take any car, as long as it’s crap and with an engine of 1 litre or less. For motorbikes we've generously allowed 125cc, but would prefer it to be a scooter. 

You need to drive a small, shit car to make the rally tougher. It's no fun if it's too easy. If you want easy go for a spa weekend.

With a small car, you're more likely to break down so you're more likely to interact with the locals, so you can remind yourself you're alive without jamming a fork into your eyeballs.


- The Adventurists

People keep asking if we're getting a Range Rover or a souped up Jeep. *facepalm* clearly you weren't listening to me when I said that rule #1 is to have a tiny, crappy car. That or the absurdity of it didn't sink in because the words "Yes, we're intentionally going through Iran" too distracting.

The point is to break down, get lost, scrape some skin off, and momentarily rue the day we said, "Let's do the Mongol Rally!"

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