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Two Blondes and a Red Head

Written by: Tabitha

Our team starts off like a bad joke: “Two blondes and a red-head get in a car.”
I haven’t invented a punch line yet because I haven’t looked for it. Because I never like those jokes. They’re so rarely funny. Usually offensive, even though I’m never offended by them, and based on stereotypes that don’t actually exist anymore. If you’re a blonde or a red head you’ve heard your share. Yeah, yeah, yeah, soooo funny. Oh you’re clever, I haven’t heard that one before. *takes over world while you’re chortling smugly*
What IS funny? Paula’s unending stream of fascinating global information. I’m totally convinced that her energy reserves are partly bionic because the woman just does not ever stop finding out ALL THE THINGS. And coming up with ideas on how to live the crap out of all her newfound information.
What else is funny? 8-year-old Brianna’s obsession with all things USSR. What small American child is infatuated with Communist Russia?! We’re not talking a cute little report. We’re talking maps, cultural research, and Russian Language tapes on family cross-country drives. Hilarious!
What’s another funny thing? Tabitha’s puppy-esque enthusiasm and excitability. OMG LOOK AT THIS COFFEE AND NOW THIS MAP AND DID YOU SEE HOW FUNNY THEIR HATS ARE AND HOLY TUNA SALAD WHAT IS THIS AMAZING NEW TOILET SITUATION! That part is not a joke.
SO YEAH, two blondes and a red head get in a car and hack their way - specifically a 1 liter engine hatchback - from London to Russia via a couple continents, several mountain ranges, a few desserts, and a bunch of chaos. And the punch line is that we’re going to tear it up and enjoy the crap out of it and every insane variable we come across.
We hope you’ll follow along.
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