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The Route

Written by: Tabitha and Co.

When traveling this expanse of earth it is near impossible to not encounter a squabble or even a war zone or two. Violence perforates the land and punctuates its cultures. Such is the way of mankind. 
Meanwhile we're over here like, "YEAH! ADVENTURE!"
We have affectionately named our two potential routes the Putin and Isis Routes for obvious reasons that do not need explaining.  IDEALLY we are going the Isis Route because there is so much more to see! Turkey has Cappadocia and hot air balloons, Georgia has never ending meals propped up with philosophical discussions, Iran has some of the most incredibly beautiful buildings, and let's not forget the mind blowing features like the Door to Hell and the Aral Sea.
Ooooohhh yeah. So, what IS going on over there?
We're all watching the news with bated breath praying 1) For peace and safety for all the humans involved in these areas of unrest. Our hearts go out to them. 2) That they'll get their shit together enough for us to drive through next summer.
Everyone asks, "Turkey and Syria and Iran! You can't go through there it's too dangerous!" So far I've simply shrugged and replied, "Well, there is a lot of space, I think we can just go around the messy parts."
That would be impossible and dumb.
As far as Turkey is concerned? What we see is a little snip of a WHOLE COUNTRY offered up to us through the news.  It's like if someone was traveling through the United States while the whole Ferguson mess was going down.
"Oh my gosh you're going to St. Louis?! You're going to die!"
"Actually, I'm not going to Ferguson. I'm going to stay out of that area because I am an intelligent human able to make discerning choices, but I would like to see the Arch."
"I would never go there, it's too dangerous and you can't trust what's going to happen."
Meanwhile, yes, the US Embargo is still in effect in Iran which means that we cannot use our money and must be accompanied by a guide at all times. The 2015 Mongol Rally teams had no issues once inside Iran and were astounded by its beauty. So we get a babysitter. NBD.
We'll avoid the hot spots.
I am not belittling the terrible things that are happening around the world, however I am saying that the world is quite large and there is much room for circumvention.  We're also totally realistic that if we're half way through our route and some serious shit goes down right in our way, we're going to need to re-route like a good navigation system. "Recalculating."
WHICH leads me to the whole point about how this trip for me is all about opening my eyes to what is actually happening in the world.  I've heard enough to know that what I'm told is not true (so I stopped watching the news. Bunch of shite.) and now it's time for me to wrap my head around truth.  Because conversely, there are HORRIFIC things happening that we DO NOT hear about. What about that?  What about the actual melt-down of the earth and the things we're not told that could easily slow the break down? There are a million things I could list here or I could just go on the rally and show you these things.
Either route we choose or are forced to choose will bring us incredible experiences, lovely memories, terrible nights of sleep, and wonderful human beings. 
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