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The Petrol is going to be HOW much?!

the shocking price of 10,000 miles worth of Perol. 

First of all it's petrol, not gas.

We're sooooo very American. Except Alice. (She's from south London.) Which means we've got to stop saying gas.

Secondly, all that petrol will cost around $2,000.

Holy shitake mushrooms. My combined flights around the world getting to and from this business aren't even two grand. We ARE driving 10,000+ miles so it makes sense. But YEESHK! Visas, Iran, cars, and petrol are by far the biggest chunks that we will spend. 

I've (Tabitha writing here) lived in and around LA for a long time and have spent $500/month on gas in different chapters of my life. That DID NOT prepare me for the petrol prices EVERY WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. We looooove to complain about the price per gallon, but let's level and just be grateful it's not by the LITER. I experienced sticker shock when I started pricing the fuel cost of the rally. SHOCK being the operative there.

Finally, will you help us out with a little gas money?


Maybe you have a $10 or $20 dollar bill looking for a new home? And that home could be our petrol fund! Every little bit gets us a few miles farther down the road. (Both physically and metaphorically.)

This photo shows what we may resort to if we don't have enough money for petrol.

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