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Tabitha: Team Editor

Words, words, words.

This is Tabitha. Tabitha is the Team Editor. She's the one who decides all the words you read about Team #‎WeLive and their Mongol Rally 2016 endeavor! Tabitha is a ballet dancer, snowboarder, holistic life-coach, and wife. She's passionate about the preciousness of all human lives which is why she's really stoked to document everything the team sees along the way.

Your help in supporting our mission truly matters to Tabitha because in order to bring back the truth of the world she has to GET there. The experiences of people around the world are so wildly different from ours; frequently because of war, broken governments, and under-developed resources. Tabitha wants her heart to break for these people in order to the change.

Tabitha has a list of Stupid Human Tricks for you to purchase that shall then be performed and dedicated to you during the rally trek. Simply follow this link and make a comment about which one you would like to buy when you donate!

Awkward stretching in public places: $10 each
Yoga flow in unexpected places: $15 each
Ballet Barre exercises performed in unexpected locations: $25 each
Performing a song from this list while in the car (singing, not lip-sync):
“Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid: $10
“Baby Got Back” (Sir Mix-a-Lot): $15
“Let It Go” from Frozen: $20
“Shoop” (Salt N Pepa): $25
Dramatic recitation of "Get Low" (Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz) in an elegant British Accent: $100
A ballet variation performed in an unlikely location and dedicated to you: $200
Over Dramatic Reading of a real entry from my actual journal (You request the date to read from!): $300
Streaking through the Desert in broad daylight: $500

This is Tabitha and her husband, Brandon, in Big Bear, California enjoying the 15-16 snowboarding season!
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