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RAVPower and Team #WeLive

Why RAVPower is the Sponsor we couldn't have done it without...

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop hoping to charge your phone and felt that weight of disappointment when you see that all the outlets are taken? Yeah. Multiply that feeling by 27 and that's how we felt during the entire Mongol Rally.

Paula was brilliant and had a power inverter installed in each car, without which we would have been totally unable to keep our cameras, phones, and laptops charged. But we weren't always in our cars now were we? What about when the cars were being repaired? Or when we were staying at a hostel for a couple days? We still needed to charge!

Enter RAV Power. Oh my gosh. When we found out they wanted to sponsor our team we were ELATED!! Such an incredible blessing! The whole team is SO THANKFUL for them. Why? Let me explain:

All those hilarious Snapchats from Alice? The videos uploaded to Facebook? Images on Instagram? Genuinely all because of the battery pack. All we had to do was make sure the pack was fully charged (overnight) and it would go FOREVER charging our phones even with Snapchat! (And we all know about Snapchat's battery sucking - get it together Snapchat!)

Somewhere in Slovenia. Photo: Tabitha

They aren't kidding about sustaining your phone for a week with this. We tried it and it's amazing.

Snapchatting in Khiva, Uzbekistan! A gorgeous ancient city along the old Silk Road. Photo: Teacake Travels

This was by far Alice's favorite "toy". It allowed her to stay current with her following which is vital because that's her full time job. So, high fives to you RAV Power!

Representing RAVPower ever mile along our way! (All 10,000 of them.) Photo: Tabitha

When you spend months of the summer driving through Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Mongolia guess what there is loads of? SUNSHINE.

Soaking up the sun in the Turkish highland pastures not far from Trabzon. Photo: Tabitha

This item was Tabitha's personal favorite. All through Turkey, Iran, and all those 'Stans she powered her phone many times by simply harnessing those rays. Which was REALLY helpful because she was managing the team's on-line presence and without that power you wouldn't have known where the team was!

Making the most of the wait at the border from Kazakhstan to Kyrgystan: solar charging! Photo: Brianna

Hot air balloons in Capadoccia, Turkey, and sharing our RAVPower respect. Photo: Tabitha

Something to think about: Couldn't have taken all these pictures without RAVPower.

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