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Prepare for Launch

Getting ready for the 2016 Mongol Rally with Team #weLive

Maps, supplies, prep, and a unicorn.

There is A LOT that I could write here about what we've been doing to get ready for this outlandish adventure. But it's really too much to write about. It would be best to show you in a few pictures just exactly what we're undertaking here...

Getting the cars ready...

Purchasing supplies...

Confirming our route...

We're posting quite a bit on social media if that kind of thing is your jam. Find us on Facebook and Instagram for the hour by hour updates!

You can also follow us on Snapchat because Alice will be joining in on the fun right after her BFF gets hitched! (Congrats, Michaela!) Find her: @teacaketravels


For $50 send us yourself, a loved one, a mortal enemy, our just someone you think would be funny and we'll clear coat that bobble head on our vehicle!

THEN we'll photograph your face in the gorgeous locations we experience along our route. And subsequently, show off your scenic head to your friends.


That's all for now. 2 days until launch!!!!

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