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Streaking, ass out a window, getting really drunk...just to name a few.

Because we don't expect you to part with your hard earned money without something in return!


  1. $20: A Pencil Drawing of what I saw that day (you choose) sent to you whilst on the trip.
  2. $50: Challenge a local to an arm wrestling match and do my best to take them down.
  3. $75: Be A Travel Blogger Coaching - How To Write The Perfect Blog Post. 1 hour
  4. $500: A Burlesque Routine performed to any song of your choosing.
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  1. $20: Handwritten personal postcard mailed to you from the country of your choosing.
  2. $50: Shamu-ing, Pretending to beach myself in a body of water while blowing water.
  3. $75: Cooking with Julia Child: Video of me cooking a campfire meal pretending to be Julia Child (choice of dinner, breakfast or dessert).
  4. $500: The Shot Challenge. Buy a bottle of local liquor and go shot for shot with locals until the bottle is gone.
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  1. $20: Dramatic car performances of any Disney Song (karaoke, not lip-sync)
  2. $50: Miniature Harmonica performance of the Star Wars theme an extremely unlikely and most probably embarrassing situation.
  3. $75: I wear your face on a t-shirt.
  4. $500Megan will seek out and consume the most potentially gag induce foods she can find along our proposed route!
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  1. $20: Weird yoga/circus poses with local objects. Examples: bridge under a camel.
  2. $75: Acrobalance (circus) poses on top of the vehicle in an unlikely location.
  3. $50: The Wilson Perk: in full “Castaway” fashion Paula with form, photograph, and enact a relationship with the object of your choice as we meander through the ‘stans. Choose a stuffed animal, an action figure, a random toy, or anything that you think would be hilarious! Must be PG-13 and smaller than a volleyball. This is your chance to increase the weird.
  4. $500: A temporary tattoo of your face, applied to my ass, photographed while hanging it out the window at speed.
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  1. $20: Approach a local to teach me how to say “Thank you for hosting us in your country” (maybe with an additional chorus of “Sorry about America” depending on the country and the person) in their native language.
  2. $50: Send me on the errand/adventure of your choice. Examples: “Find a local coffee house and make a friend.” Or “Find out how much stamps are in one of the ‘stans.” YOU CHOOSE.
  3. $75: A ballet variation performed in an unlikely location and dedicated to you.
  4. $500: Streaking through the desert in broad daylight.
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