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Paula: Team Captain

and also Stunt Mechanic.

This is Paula. Paula is our Team Captain. Paula is also our Stunt Mechanic. Paula and the rest Team #WeLive can't do it alone. So here are some ways that you can help us out while getting something in return for your hard-earned cash:
Paula is also our Team Stunt Mechanic. Which means she's in charge of finding, purchasing, and readying two crappy little hatchbacks to meander across a couple continents to document the world and raise money for charity. (Vehicle requirements as set by the organizing entity The Adventurists: no more than 1,200 CC's and no luxuries.)
GOODS AND SERVICES FOR SALE from Team #WeLive: follow this link to make your purchase!
Be A Travel Blogger Coaching - SEO (search engine optimisation): 1 hour/$125
Be A Travel Blogger Coaching - Social Media: 1 hour/$125
Be A Travel Blogger Coaching - How To Write The Perfect Blog Post: 1 hour/$125
Handmade Team #WeLive Cotton T-Shirt (S-XL): $50
Handmade Waxed Canvas Bag, Small: $75
Handmade Waxed Canvas Bag, Small: $75Handmade 5 Panel Camp Hat: $100
Handmade 5-Panel Camp Hat: $100Handmade Waxed Canvas Biking Bag: $175
Handmade Waxed Canvas Biking Bag: $175
Handmade Hemp/Cotton Cowl Sweatshirt: $200
Logo Design Work: 1 Hour/$125
Brand evaluation and coaching: 1 Hour/$125
Photo Editing Service: 5 images/$125
Your Choice of Photographic Print by Megan upon return from the Mongol Rally: $200
Logo Design: Unlimited revisions/$500
Career Reimagining Counselling: 30 minutes/$75
Life Coaching: 1 hour/$125
Package of Life Coaching (Choose your package: 2 - 10 Sessions): $200 - $1,000/each hour
Holistic Living Coaching, Food: 1 hour/$125
Holistic Living Coaching, Health and Beauty: 1 hour/$125
Ballet Basics Class, Remote or In Person: 1 hour/$125
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