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Paula Moves to Edinburgh

For cars, great accents, pints in the afternoon, and love

Paula Wood, Team Captain for #WeLive is bidding Seattle adieu on April 17th.

WHAT?! WHY?? Many reasons. The least of which is not the procurement of our team cars. Because the one thing we actually REQUIRE to do the Mongol Rally are cars. Crappy ones, but cars nonetheless. (Specifics about our tiny shite cars here.) Because none of us are IN the UK in order to purchase and register these necessary cars.

And also because she's following her heart.

Thank you, Captain, for being our leader, for handling all the crazy visas, for doing the leg work of buying and registering cars, and for being so invested in this life-changing trek!

There are many feelings associated with this event so thought that I would serve you up a series of haiku poems in an attempt to capture the many various emotions surging through the team in regards to this ex-patriot escapade.


So much invested

Yet so much more desired

Relocation, please.

Tiny Cars

Deserts, Mountains, Steppe

Our axles screaming, Mercy!

Jubilant #WeLive

5 Time Zones

Feels so far away

#WeLive around the world

Still we are so close

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