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No, We're NOT Packed we have to raise $10,000 first

Cars, Sponsors, Tyres, Petrol, Money, and Packing

written by Tabitha.

People are asking me if I'm packed and I'm like, WHY IN GODS NAME WOULD I BE PACKED? I don't leave until July 8th and there are things like raising $10,000 that get priority!

Then I remember that they have no idea what we're really doing and what we're experiencing on the daily in preparation for this rally. So, here's what we are each doing on the daily in the next two weeks-ish before heading to Edinburgh to join Paula!


Alice is blogging like a mad lady and getting ready to hit the road again on the rally. As a full time travel blogger she has loads of very boring behind the scenes work that makes for terrible social media content but excellent "put money in the bank".


Bri is busy own and running her own company, Ministry of Culture, and going to fairs and shows to get her merch out there. If you think that doesn't sound like much then you've clearly never owned your own biz. 

photo by Trey


Two words: wedding season.  Megan is shoot and editing and shooting and editing and then editing for endless hours at a time all in prep to sock away money to be gone for 10 weeks. Life is so real! She's also working FULL TIME as a design artist. Yeah. Two full time jobs. Cool.


Preparing shitty hatchbacks for this adventure is no laughing matter. She's set up headquarters in Edinburgh and is frantically cutting holes in our cars while managing the final logistics of Visas, guides, convoys, and money. (UGH, MONEY)


Tabitha is writing and writing and writing to prep for leaving for 10 weeks. That means every blog and article she would normally write in a 3 month period has to be prepped and ready to post by July 1. YEESHK. She's also in the throes of chasing last minute sponsors because the money situation is getting VERY real for Team #WeLive and we desperately need gas money. (Petrol, guys, petrol.)

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