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Ministry of Culture

Brianna Paquette: Founder, Designer, Creator.

What happens when a globe trotting, humanitarian is also a fashion school grad? THIS.

"Ministry of Culture is a clothing, bag, and accessories company that takes a holistic approach to fashion. Dedicated to the Slow Design movement, Ministry of Culture embraces traditional craft and folk art design techniques from around the world striving to elevate them through modern design to create our distinctive collection. In addition to our line of sustainable Hemp and Natural Fiber clothing, we reuse discarded fabric in our embellishments and block print our designs to alleviate chemical waste. Our unique brand of design promotes social consciousness through the quality and functionality of each piece."

Our very own Brianna is the passionate force behind these designs and makes them by hand herself!

When you purchase a Ministry of Culture item you are supporting not only a way of living that contributes to the world, but also you help #WeLive make their fundraising goals!! Purchase your favorite new pieces at and also on Etsy!

Or, hit up our Facebook and Tabitha (turned model for MOC) can get you some of the items she has!

You can even get them directly through our Fundrazr as a perk!!

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