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Minipresso on the Shores of Lake Baikal

A Post-Rally trip

Team #WeLive had finally made it to the finish line and we were going our separate ways. Brianna and Tabitha were hanging out at the finish line in Ulan-Batar when another rallier told us how gorgeous Lake Baikal really is.

It was INCREDIBLE. By far the best camping experience on the rally and it wasn't even technically during the rally, HA!

Brianna and Tabitha 4-Eva. The rally makes friendships like no others.

Sunset: completely unreal. The little inlet between our camp site and the lake was an incredible photo op, obviously. The mosquitoes weren't even that bad.

In the morning I felt Brianna get out of the tent just before 8am. I knew she was going to go swim. First thing you need to know is that she's a swimmer, second that she is not afraid of cold water, third she's tough as nails and loves to get in every body of water she comes across.

By the time I got out of the tent she was already warming her feet and some water for coffee. We love coffee. It's a beautiful relationship. I pulled out my Wacaco Minipresso and the espresso grounds.

Because we were sponsored by Minipresso we each got our own press! It was such a wonderful gift from Wacaco. Plus, we got espresso whenever we wanted...

Tell me you've had a glorious morning of views and espresso at some point in your life because it's a soul changing experience. If not, there are thousands of spectacular vistas and a Minpresso just waiting for you.

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