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Luna Sandals Across 23 Countries

On the 2016 Mongol Rally

Team #WeLive had the opportunity to get some pretty sweet Luna Sandals. They’re a Seattle based company that makes sandals designed to stand up to most anything you want to do INCLUDING trail running. They’re high quality, durable, and totally functional. Each of us have a pair that travel the entire Mongol Rally with us; all 10,000 miles and 23 countries.

On the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk!

Tabitha: as usual I don’t follow directions. I have the Origens with the leather laces in a gorgeous red color. They say specifically on the website not to get them wet. VERY. SPECIFICALLY. Which means, obviously, I immediately dunked them in the Adriatic Sea and quickly followed up with a hot shower. I know. I KNOW. As you would expect, the dye is running and the texture of the leather is quite different now. But I have to say, they’re pulling through despite my intentional misuse which is impressive! I really like the system of tying them, but it did take a little getting used to. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would like them, but I am loving them more every day I wear them! Thank you, Luna! These are the perfect solution for the Mongol Rally. I really don’t know what other sport sandals could be stylish enough, be this comfortable, and still stand up to the walking, driving, and beating I’m giving them. Thumbs Up!

Croatia, Tabitha's Lunas, and the beautiful Adriatic.

Alice: Origens with leather laces in Purple. Alice and her sandals are still getting to know each other. They got off to a rough start when Tabitha tried to bossily tell her how to lace them, but that lacing just doesn’t work for her so she started tying them in her own way which has gone much better. (Butt out, Tabs.) The lacing and adjusting of where to lace them on her foot is getting easier with every wear.

In the Adriatic Sea! Alice in purple and Tabitha in red.

Megan: Performance laces. So. Practical. They are easy to lace once you get it down which doesn’t take much. They get more comfortable with every wear and are perfect for in and out of water. They’re not as stylish as the other she had thought about getting but they actually do work with everything she wears.

Somewhere in Bosnia or Croatia...or Macedonia?

Paula: Performances laces! She wore them through every part of the rally (where it was warm, which was a lot). She was happy to have them as part of her rally wardrobe for their comfort, fit, and look. Check her out looking rally gorgeous in Heidelberg, Germany.

Heidelberg Castle, Germany.

Brianna: Bri is the REASON we met Luna Sandals! She got just a new footbed and simply added her favorite laces that she's had for years. Brianna loves her sandals and wore them more than any of us. Mostly because she can handle wearing sandals in colder temps than us. Through so many countries, through so many bodies of water, Brianna wore those Luna Sandals.

Capaddocia, Turkey, Brianna, her Lunas, and a Camel!!

So, thank you Luna! We were so glad to have you on our feet and on our side!

The New Mosque, Edirne, Turkey. I spy 3 pairs of Lunas!

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