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It's not all fun...

preparing for the Mongol Rally

In case you're worried that Team #WeLive is simply going on a pleasure cruise...
The stress of preparing for the Mongol Rally is so real. And while that doesn't change how passionately we feel about the rally is DOES make us realize how profoundly difficult change is.
If it was easy for people like us to go around the world to share enormous truths about humanity then more people would do it.
But it's not easy. The landslide of negative energy compounded by centuries of greed, power, and abuse of the earth pushes against us. Our sincerity and passion to rectify the world is tested through preparing for this endeavor.
Your support and your encouragement now and during the rally is what fuels our positive energy! You who like, post, comment, and donate are all the life-force that keeps this team energized. Without you we would feel like we're vigilantes on an impossible mission. Without the reminder that we're doing something FOR GOOD we would lose our momentum.
We remember the charities we're donating to. We remember the people we've read about or met in person. We feel inspired when we remember the faceless people who are not privileged to be considered a first class citizen of the world. We remember that we must be the voice for our planet. 
So we keep planning. We keep pushing forward with the crazy complexity of visas and consulates! And every time you say, "Go Team #WeLive!" through action or donation we get another boost of inspiration!
Because, woman, WE LIVE.
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