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Introducing Megan and Alice!

Team #WeLive has almost doubled.

We've been quiet for several weeks now because behind the scenes has been crazy!  But it's time now to pull back the curtain and let you all know what we've been working on! We've added 2 more amazing women to our team!! YAY!!  Meet Megan Wark and Alice Nettleingham!
This means we're going to need a second car...

Megan Wark

Team Photographer
Lititz, Pennsylvania, USA
A little geeky, a little accident prone, and more than a little talented. Megan is a web designer, graphic designer, videographer, and photographer. Keep your eyes peeled for images of her travel-gnome, Bo. Bonus Feature: will do literally anything for the perfect shot.

Coming from small-town Northern Maine, Megan thrives on dashing her comfort zone through new challenges. Her ability to capture raw reality through photography is invaluable to the team as well as the world.

Alice Nettleingham
Team Blogger
Somewhere in China
Alice is a successful travel blogger who has been featured on prestigious blogs as she grabs life by the bollocks and shares the experience with us all. Check her out at TeacakeTravels! Bonus Feature: currently in China studying Jiu Jitsu
Originally from South East London, Alice said, "NO THANKS" to convention and hasn't looked back. She's full of life and surprises (including a penchant for burlesque). Her passion for people is apparent in all she does and her compassion is a beautiful symptom thereof.
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