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precisely why we're doing the rally.

Tuesday March 8th, 2016: International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day: We're grateful we get to observe this day because we know millions of voiceless women cannot. Which is exactly why we're focusing on women's rights organizations along our route for the 2016 Mongol Rally.

You and I have the the power of privilege; use it for these women. By continually exposing the truths that keep women silent we keep the momentum going for change.

We are determined to manifest exactly what can be done to make a difference in these women's live. Follow our journey starting July 17th, 2016 that will lead us through eye-opening territory and bring us back equipped to share with you all how you can BE the change.

But first we gotta get there! We need money for Visas, crappy cars, and safe passage through Iran. Please contribute to Team #WeLive even if it's "just a little". Nothing is not enough. Everything is helpful.


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