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How We Got Our Name

Team #WeLive

How did you pick your team name? And why is there a hashtag?
Wellllll, it went something like this...
All summer Paula and I (Tabitha) were in a constant volley about the rally and all the excitement surrounding it. We were forever Facebook messaging ideas back and forth throughout the day with hilarious zeal. We got SO STOKED on the travel aspect that we decided to start a business that helps people to go on life changing adventures. Hold that for a moment.
Meanwhile. Paula mentors THIS girl:
I know. She might ACTUALLY be the cutest. Don't be fooled by that adorable exterior though! Wynne (pronounced, WInnie) is tenacious, hard working, and a creative force! She makes stuff like these lovely neck warmers pictured here...
Click the image to get your own uber cute neck warmer!! Left: Paula Right: Tabitha
BEST. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy!
Anyway. So she's is always saying to Paual, "Woman! We Live!" as an exclamation or to wrap up an idea or just to express a feeling that's difficult to express. Paula and I LOVED this life-affirming quirk and quickly adopted it into our vernacular.
Ok, back to the part about creating this business. Paula and I are sitting in her Seattle apartment planning out our ideas and it comes time to establish our name. It was almost instant: "We Live!" We KNEW it was perfect. And thus, We Live Trek Collective was named! But that's a different story.
Later that same month we were stuck naming out Mongol Rally team. We'd thought of almost everything and NOTHING was right. The only other one I really liked was The Empire Strikes Hatchback, but we thought it was a little too esoteric for a journey that encompasses so many countries.
Finally we thought, WHY DON'T WE JUST USE WE LIVE?! It perfectly sums up our team ideology, it's easy to remember, and we're already accustomed to saying it!  Then Paula noted, "It's a bummer that it's a 'W' because we'll be at the end of every alphabetical list."
After a very short pause I chimed in, "We could add a hashtag? It moves us to the front of the alphabet and then we use it as our hashtag." After a few moments of self-mocking it was voted a resounding, YES! Yay! We had a team name!
And thus, Team #WeLive was born!
As always, we're rallying your support to get us out there! We're on a mission to support women's rights organizations around the world and the Mongol Rally gets us there to see it, hear it, and then bring it back to you all. Help us out in any way you can from money, to time, to donation, or just by sharing our story!
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