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4 Reasons You Need a Tentsile Stingray

as experienced by Team #WeLive of the 2016 Mongol Rally

The 4 major reasons you should definitely get a Tentsile Stingray. In case you need reasons beyond the fact that it's like skydiving and camping combined.

1. Durable

CRAZY durable. Like, you it's hard to hurt it. Yeah. We have an amazing story over here about how unbelievably tough these suspension straps are involving towing a car through Mongolia.

We took this tent almost 10,000 miles over 49 days through 23 countries and it's still in one piece. Dirty, but whole! Plus, we usually pitched it on the ground so it should have gotten more beat up, but it's tougher than that. Obviously.

And strong! It feels weird at first because you're like, "OMG I'm going to slam into the ground. There's no way this thing is going to hold my weight." But you get in and it cradles your gently reassuring your senses.

Wild camping in Turkmenistan. Photo: Blackstone Photography

2. SO EASY to use - ANYWHERE

We can pitch this tent on the ground in about 3 minutes. No joke. SO EASY! Suspending in trees the way it's supposed to be used takes longer, and once you get the hang of it you'll have it tree-top in no time.

Wild camping in Kazakhstan. Photo: Blackstone Photography

3. Comfortable

It's really roomie in there! Three adventurists with all their sleeping things fit quite comfortably inside. All the zippers are in just the right places and both the floor and front doors are easy to use one-handed so you don't spill your beer, er, I mean water.

Desert camping next to the Door to Hell. Photo: Blackstone Photography.

4. Enjoy the View

Name one thing that's better than opening your eyes to spectacular vistas. Ok, maybe one thing is better, sitting in your Stingray with a cup of steaming coffee enjoying lush forests. Oh! Ok, this is the only other than that could be better: watching the stars as you fall asleep snuggled into your sleeping bag.

Some of our personal favorite views upon opening our eyes were the Turkmenistan Door to Hell and the velvety Mongolian Steppe.

Waking up in the Stingray in the desert of Turkmenistan. Photo: Tabitha

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