• On September 2nd we crossed the finish line! So what's next?

    Now comes what could be the REAL adventure of documenting our experiences with women across the globe to bring you an e-book. Our journey is far from over!








  • #Welive Blog: coming at you live

    We may have finished, but the adventure is far from over. Follow our journey to the e-book.


    We may have crossed the finish line, but the adventure is far from over. Follow and support us as we bring you an e-book highlighting stories of the incredible women and women's organizations we met and interviewed along our way.


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    For things like Petrol...

    Whether you contribute $5 or $5,000 we are eternally grateful for your contribution!

    You CAN pay $50 to get your face on our car...just saying that's pretty amazing.

    Team #WeLive Mongol Rally 2016 Shirts


    Step 1: Buy your choice of shirt style from hoodies to women's t-shirts. 
    Step 2: Congratulate yourself on contributing to global women's rights.
    Step 3: Look fantastic in your awesome new shirt.
    Step 4: Feel smug matching the bad-ass girls of Team #WeLive.

  • the mongol what?

    "The Mongol Rally thunders 10,000 miles across the mountains, desert and steppe of Europe and Asia each summer. There’s no backup, no support, and no set route; just you, your fellow adventurists and a tiny car you bought from a scrapyard." - The Adventurists


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    10,000 miles

    2 Continents, 3 Deserts, and 5 Mountain Ranges


    2 Charities, 2 Vehicles, and so many Visas

    5 women

    Audacious types from all over the globe

    2 hatchbacks

    That we are pretty sure can make it

    49ish days

    Give or take some chaos

    9 women's right orgs

    Advocating for women globally

  • meet team #WELIVE

    5 Savvy, Confident, Talented Women in 2 Cars

    Paula Wood

    Team Captain
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    An ex-roadie punk rocker turned shamanic practitioner who lusts after roads less traveled, has tried and rejected the status quo, and will smartly inspire, challenge, and enrich your ideals.


    Paula has traveled through 21 countries, and has enough mechanical skill to give our car a fighting chance. She is our leader hacking through paper work and logistics. Currently transitioning from Seattle to Edinburgh because the weather is the same but the accent is better.

    Brianna Paquette

    Team Linguist
    West Burke, Vermont, USA

    A linguist and sustainable clothing designer with a lifelong penchant for all things USSR who does things like ride motorcycles through Asia and hitchhike through Kurdistan. 


    She’s traveled to over 30 countries cultivating invaluable connections in the very regions we will be traversing. Her adventure addiction is a real thing. Plus she speaks enough Russian to keep us out of trouble.

    Tabitha Bigbee Highland

    Team Editor
    Big Bear, California, USA

    A writer, ballet dancer, snowboarder, and fierce life-liver.  Tabitha genuinely loves people and has a well of joy and positivism living inside her. She's also well practiced in driving stick shift economy cars through fields.


    Tabitha is a professional social media manager and blogger who would prefers to focus on human rights issues, and is happy to be writing for this amazing team.

    Megan blackstone Wark

    Team Photographer

    Lititz, Pennsylvania, USA

    A little geeky, a little accident prone, and more than a little talented. Megan is a web designer, graphic designer, videographer, and photographer. She'll literally do anything for the perfect shot.


    Coming from small-town Northern Maine, Megan thrives on dashing her comfort zone through new challenges. Her ability to capture raw reality through photography is invaluable to the team as well as the world.

    ALice Nettleingham

    Team Blogger

    Somewhere in China

    Alice is a successful travel blogger  grabbing life by the bollocks and sharing the experience with us all. Check her out at TeacakeTravels! She's currently in China studying Jiu Jitsu. No big deal.


    Originally from South East London, Alice said, "NO THANKS" to convention and hasn't looked back. Her passion for people is apparent in all she does and her compassion is a beautiful symptom thereof.

  • charities

    2 charities we're raising money for.

    Women's rights organizations we're advocating for.

    the official charity of the adventurists

    Cool Earth is the Charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt Rainforest destruction.


    We put local people back in control, giving them the resources they need to keep their forest intact. And by saving at-risk Rainforest, we form shields for millions of acres of neighboring forest.




    dear to the hearts of #welive

    M2M is a burgeoning nonprofit that has touched the lives of hundreds of men, women and children.


    M2M assists in the empowerment of women and girls in Afghanistan. In 2009, Shannon became the first woman to ride a mountain bike in Afghanistan in an effort to challenge perceptions of gender barriers and show a different side of Afghanistan back home.

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  • We Did It.

    23 countries, 9,956 miles, 45 days

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